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Individual tracks are blended to sit well together. Relative volume, stereo panning, and other aspects are considered, with a focus on the artistic intent.


Gentle adjustments are made to the overall frequency spectrum and dynamic range, and loudness is brought up to a level that is appropriate to the material and listeners' expectations.

Edit / Repair

Audio tracks are cleaned and prepped for mixing (or delivery). Potential areas of concern are clicks, electrical hum, and uneven levels.



I'm an audio engineer with a focus on mixing and mastering. I've worked on various styles, including pop, singer-songwriter, jazz, ambient, and more. Each project calls for a unique treatment, and I genuinely enjoy providing that. As a keyboard player and artist myself, I understand the process of creation, which informs the decisions I make when working on client projects. I was trained in classical piano styles, and was further educated during my time at Berklee College of Music, where I studied under dedicated instructors and collaborated with many creative musicians. I completed the Music Production and Engineering program and graduated in 2011. 

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